Wood products

We provide a wide range of wood products for an endless number of applications. In addition to our standard lenght range, we can also take special orders. Most things are possible when it comes to timber – give us a try!

sawn timber
Sawn timber

Our block sawmill can handle pine and spruce

The community of Tibro has long been acknowledged for its tradition of furniture manufacturing, where the timber for our sawmill comes from the fine forests of the surrounding Skaraborg. In our Tibro facility, we produce first-class plank with 11 to 22 cm thickness and standard lengths of 2.55 m and 3.0 m. After measurement by Biometria the logs are sorted in the sorting line. Our state-of-the-art sawmill has a capacity of 750 logs per hour and consists of a straight production line with planing, a profile unit and split saw. In order to achieve the target for KD 56°C/30 min-labelling the drying itself takes place in chamber dryers with ventilated drying. The end product will be construction timber and packaging timber, but also material for our own edge glued panel production, where the quality requirements are high. All waste material becomes new briquettes for heating systems and boilers. Since 2018, extensive investments have been made, including new timber sorting, a planer line and general upgrades.

  • We hold KD 56/30 certificates.
  • We are certified according to FSC® (License code: FSC-C007709)
  • We are certified according to PEFC™ (License code: PEFC/05-35-152)
sawn timber

Planed timber products

The material of possibilities

Our bundling plant is one of Sweden’s most modern, but the experience of our skilled staff is the result of a long-standing tradition in the planing industry. We offer a wide range of planed wood products, mainly battens but also planed as well as tongue and groove.

We bundle and package half-packs and quarter-packs in our standard range and label deliveries as required. For the Dutch market, we stock Pick-a-Pack spruce in 22/25/32 mm planed sizes for extra fast delivery. We are also able to offer precision-cut timber swordcut (+-2mm) for special purposes.

Our high level of service makes most things possible – we kindly await your requests.

planed timber products

From forest to edge glued panels

The deep Swedish forests is home to the certified quality wood that makes up the core of our famous edge glued panels. In our modern manufacturing process, wood laminates are compressed under high pressure and heat, reducing the need for eco-friendly adhesives to only 0.02%. The result is a seamless, beautiful and natural finish with incredible rigidity. We offer our customers a wide range of fixed lengths and thicknesses at the desired quality level. To keep dirt and moisture out, the boards are individually protected by an environmentally friendly shrink wrap prior to delivery.

glued laminate pine

Glued Laminate Pine

Our glued laminate boards are made of strong certified pine that has grown slowly in Sweden’s well-maintained forests. The boards can be supplied with different planed profiles, such as bevelled or rounded edges. We can also customise quality, packaging and design to suit your requirements.

glued laminate oak

Glued Laminate Oak

Kitchen worktop, table top or bookshelf? Oak is a classic, beautiful and durable hard wood that never goes out of fashion. Our glued laminated boards are finger-jointed and available in most common dimensions, with a thickness of 18 mm.

glued laminate spruce

Glued Laminate Spruce

Ess-Enn Timber supplies spruce-based edge glued panels both to satisfied DIY customers and other applications such as the European dairy industry. The demands are high, both in terms of quality and also that the glue meets the requirements of the food industry.



FixBoard is Ess-Enn Timber’s own brand and represents an entire range of solid glulam boards with the end consumer in mind. In order for every retail store to achieve maximum sales, our range of boards is under constant development. 

  • A wide range of different formats ensures freedom of choice
  • A well-known brand representing quality, service and environmental awareness.
  • Supplied in modern, appealing and protective packaging.
  • And, of course, FSC® certified for sustainable forestry.

Furniture and stairway components

The timber’s carefully controlled moisture ratio of 8-10% is highly suitable for the construction of stairways and furniture as well as for bed and kitchen manufacturers that place high demands on strength, durability and aesthetically beautiful grain. We pride ourselves on our versatility and our production is fully customised – try us out! 

Quality information and tolerances

Our edge glued panels are manufactured in two different quality levels for different applications. The most common is as furniture material and as hobby boards. Of course, we can also adapt the quality level to your specific requirements.

A/B Furniture quality

The A side contains unlimited numbers of healthy knots of all types. Firmly attached black knots with a maximum diameter of approx. 10-15 mm. Pith spots and a small amount of hardened pith are allowed, but not more than about 100-150 mm. Well-balanced grain pattern. The B-side of the board is of lower quality.

B/C Hobby quality

The A side contains unlimited numbers of healthy knots of all types. Firmly attached black knots, maximum diameter of approx. 15-30 mm. Hardened pith, maximum length approx. 300 mm, may be present. Repairs of knots and resin spots may be required. Appropriately balanced pattern. The B-side of the board is of lower quality.