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We’ve been producing and supplying a broad range of timber products all over the world for more than 30 years. We currently have Swedens largest edge glued panels production unit, our own planing mill and our own sawmill specialized in short logs.

Most things are possible when it comes to timber – give us a try.

ESS-ENN’s primary products are Edge Glued Panels, Planed Timber Products and Sawn Timber Products. Our plant in Skruv makes us Swedens largest manufacturer of Edge Glued Panels

Edge glued panels

Our pine joints are FSC®-certified (FSC-C007709), and our raw materials come from well-managed Swedish forests. Our outstanding delivery reliability makes us a dependable supplier.


Sawn timber products

With our sawmill in Tibro we can offer sawn timber products produced in short logs.

Planed timber products

Our new bundling plant means we can offer a broad range of laths in particular, but we can also offer planed and tongued-and-grooved timber.


Producing large quantities of timber products means we also produce large quantities of waste products, and we utilise these as efficiently as possible. Economical and green!

Wood is a sustainable and climate-friendly material. We strive to do businesses where not only we can grow on – but our customers, our society and the nature.

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We take care of the forest’s assets

The raw material we use comes from the well-managed deep forest of Sweden.


Bioenergy heating

The energy at Ess-Enn Timber is bioenergy, thanks to our newly invested bioenergy plant. We take care of our own waste material.



For every tree that is felled, at least two trees are planted. Young, growing forests bind more CO2 than mature forests.

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Environmentally friendly boards

Our Edge Glued Panels contains just 0,02% of glue. The rest of the board is made entirely of solid wood..

Facts about the company

ESS-ENN was founded in 1981 by Svante Nilsson, who ran the company successfully for more than 25 years, turning it into one of the major Swedish timber product brands focusing on edge glued panels, sawn timber products and planed timber products.

Göran Johansson and Tom Olander became new majority owners via JOOL Invest AB in the summer of 2008. JOOL Invest acquired the remaining 30% of the company in December 2011, thereby becoming sole owners.

Environmental policy

ESS-ENN Timber AB shall help to promote a sustainable society by working with resource-efficient methods and making environmental issues a natural part of its work. This is achieved by economising on natural resources, avoiding waste and limiting refuse and contamination.

We report openly on our environmental impact and communicate with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders on environmental issues. We strive to influence our business relations with responsible environmental work and to take the environment into account during procurement processes.

Skruvbyvägen 2A
365 94 Skruv

Tel: +46 478 208 00
Fax: +46 478 208 01

Org.Nr: 556381-7211

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ESS-ENN has produced and delivered a wide selection of wood products over the whole world for more than 30 years. ESS-ENN is today one of Sweden's largest and modern production units of edge glued panel production and planing mill.