Sustainable wood products with endless possibilities

For over 40 years, we have manufactured high quality timber products for the global market. Our roots are set in the lush forests of Sweden’s Småland region, but our branches reach all corners of the world. With wood as our raw material, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. That is how we secure the future for ourselves and Mother Nature – for generations to come.

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With our own production of edge glued panels as well as sawn and planed wood products, we are a significant supplier within our field. That our modern machinery is operated in an energy efficient and circular way is our way of giving back to nature. Discover our wide range of environmentally certified products.

limfog ikon

Edge glued panels

Our famous edge glued panels come from well-managed Swedish forests. They are also certified according to FSC® (FSC-C007709) regulations for eco-friendly and responsible forestry.

hyvlade trävaror ikon

Planed timber products

Batten or plank? Planed or tongue and groove? We supply standard lengths or precisely cut to your measurements. Our own bundling plant packs in whole, half or quarter packages.

sågade trävaror ikon

Sawn timber

Our modern sawmill in Tibro offers the highest quality wood products in plank lengths. Our own manufacturing and high delivery reliability offer us endless potential.

biobränsle ikon


We let nothing go to waste. Our mix of chips, sawdust and swarf ensures high quality briquettes with low moisture content and high heat value. Naturally sustainable.





















Build almost anything!

FixBoard is our complete range of solid and sustainable edge- glued panels. The boards are available in a wide range of formats, continuously updated to meet rigorous market demands. FixBoard lets you build almost anything, from children’s toys to kitchen interiors.

The most sustainable material of our time

We strive to do business not only benefiting ourselves. For us, nature, society and our customers are at least as important. With a strict environmental policy and a circular mindset through all production stages, we want to set a new standard for the wood industry – on a local as well as a global level.

Nurturing the forest’s assets

We use only Swedish quality timber from well-managed forests and are certified according to the strict criteria of PEFC and FSC®.

Powered by eco-friendly heating

We always think circularly. Our bioenergy boiler takes care of our residual waste and heats our own premises in an eco-friendly way.

Ensuring young forest regrowth

Young forest captures more CO2 than old forest. That is why we replant at least two new trees for each one felled, to the benefit of future generations.

Eco-friendly wood boards for the future

Our advanced manufacturing methods offer glued laminate boards that use only 0.02% glue. The rest is 100% solid, Swedish wood.

Safeguarding the environment


ESS-ENN Timber promotes a sustainable society by utilising resource-efficient working methods and making environmental considerations a natural part of our work. We strive to conserve natural resources, avoid waste and minimize pollution.

We openly report our environmental impact and communicate environmental issues to our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. We encourage sustainable conduct among our business partners and take environmental factors into account during procurement processes.

young tree
grönt i natur

From plant to forest

Nurturing the forest’s assets


Forests play a critical role for the global environment, population and economy. They provide us with materials to build our communities, they contain energy to keep us warm and create oxygen for us to breathe. While the forest is the raw material for our products, we use all the potential that forests offer by turning our residual waste into briquettes. In this way, recycled sawmill waste becomes heat from a modern furnace using renewable energy. Ecologically sensible and economically sound – from plant to forest.

environmental circle
environmental circle

We are surrounded by the deep Småland forests. Forests that we are very fond of and keen to preserve. This is why we have had a circular approach to both logging and manufacturing for a long time. Along the lines of our zero vision, we see it as a matter of course to be certified according to the strict criteria of PEFC and FSC® for sustainable forestry. In addition, our edge-glued panels are the first in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Silver level.

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ess-enn fabric
ess-enn fabric