Clean biofuel –
packed full of energy

Biofuel  biobränsle

Our production generates waste that is exploited in the best possible way. In order to achieve our circular environmental goals and maximise production economy, we take advantage of everything that nature provides . At our production facility in Skruv, we convert all our waste into high quality energy-efficient briquettes.

Wood contains a high level of stored energy and we produce about 18,000 m3 of sawdust per year at our planing mill. This is pure wood that would otherwise have been discarded. Our unique mix of chips, sawdust and swarf with low moisture content allows us to create a high density briquette suitable for both home use and for industrial heating. The product is free of additives and is environmentally and quality assured for cost-effective use. Smart, economical and environmentally sound!

* Annual volume 5000 tonnes

* Loose or packaged in pallet frames

* Calorific value 4.8 kWh

* 1 tonne = 2 m3